Saturday 29 November 2014

Paphio praestans: Back to Indonesia

While preparing for my return to Indonesia for good, I managed to paint this before leaving Sheffield. I have received too much blessings while living in the UK, which I lose count, but the most important one is my journey through botanical arts. I am not sure how my new-found love for botanical art will survive Indonesia since finding botanical art societies, even fellow artists, will be difficult in my home country. However, let's worry not. Instead, I thank for all things life has given me. Hence, I'd rather think about many intriguing plants in Indonesia waiting to be painted!

This is a painting of Paphiopedilum praestans, lady slipper orchid from Papua, Indonesia, based on my study sketch and photographs of the specimen I did last year. Somehow having a baby changed my initial plan on how to paint it. I left my previous sketch of a complete plant (with leaves and roots), then drew a new sketch driven by my current feelings. If you notice it, I paint the blossomed flower to pose as if hugging the bud. Have I become such a sentimental painter now?

"The Old and The Young I", Paphiopedilum praestans. Watercolours on Fabriano Artistico HP paper.

Sunday 16 November 2014

Saying Goodbye to The Florilegium Society in Sheffield.

With Valerie Oxley, the chairman of The Florilegium Society - Sheffield
It's been taking me forever to write a farewell to Sheffield, especially The Florilegium Society, where I learn painting botanical arts.

My limited language cannot express how blessed I feel to meet the Florilegium Society (and NSBA as well) during my short life in Sheffield and how lucky I am to know botanical art and to learn it from the best and passionate artists.

I am keeping my fondest memories of those first times when many of them encouraged me to join the societies, at our first meeting. And I am very happy that I took the chance (no matter how intimidated I was with the quality of their works), because not only that they got me through all the hoops of making botanical arts, they also offered warm friendships beyond my expectation. Being part of the societies has been one of the best part of my life. It also has brought about a big leap of my creative journey.

I can hardly believe that the time is coming to an end and I will be going back to Indonesia for good.
I will miss them but I hope to see them again someday.

P.S. Huge thanks to the Florilegium Society for the unexpected gift, the precious set of 108 tubes of watercolours and beautiful brushes. I will treasure and make the best use of them in my paintings. xx