Saturday, 7 February 2015

Blogger/Google Turned My Pictures Darker!

Actually it has been ages since I realised something was wrong with pictures uploaded from Google's Blogger. When uploaded, the pictures always turned darker. White background became grey and all my paintings became darker or more greyish. Many times I went back to my editing programme, made the pictures a bit lighter and uploaded them again, but, still, they turned darker. Eventually, I was just too tired and ignored the problem.

After my previous post of Painting Yellow and Defeating the Dullness, I couldn't take it anymore! Instead of showing the brightness of the yellow Sunflower, I got dull greenish yellow petals.

However, a quick internet browse solved the problem (I wish I did it earlier! T__T). Blame it to Google Auto Enhance, which claims "It makes subtle adjustments to help your pictures look great". Well, thanks, but NO THANKS! So if you have the same problem with me. Here is how to stop it:
1. Open Google+
2. Place your cursor over the Google+ logo on the top left corner. Click Settings.
3. Scroll down to Auto Enhance section and click it Off.

4. And replace your "enhanced" pictures with the same files from your computer.

I hope it helps you too! :)

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